How did I become the bad guy?

          Let’s get you a drink and I’ll tell you all about being the bad guy.

“State of Seduction” by Digital Daggers.
A request by care-vampire—barbie.


AU: Caroline is upset at Tyler and heads to Klaus’ to talk. After a few glasses of champagne, she looses up and begins dancing a little too erotically while Klaus watches. 

Paul Wesley at TVD New Jersey convention panel, July 13th. (x)


TVD Meme: six quotes [1/6] -> It’s Mystic Fallsnothing bad ever happens here.

Candice Accola at Super Saturday Night party Direct TV

Know what you want. Don’t compare your accomplishments or failures to your competition and know that careers are built differently for everyone.


Klebekah Appreciation Week - Day 2: Favorite Quote

It’s always been me. Not Finn, not Elijah, not Kol. Me! I loved you through everything and you don’t even care.”

”(…), tell me where your death is. Between us there must be no lies. To the world we may lie and go stalking with claws out, but not to each other. It is only fair: you know where my death is, at the point of your knife or between strangling fingers or in a glass of poison. Show me that you can rest in my hand like a chick, small and weak and knowing that I could crush you if I wished it, but that I will not, will never.”

Happy 32th Birthday, Paul Thomas Wasilewski! (July 23, 1982)

↳ Klaroline "The Big Picture" Series

Part 3 - Dangerous Liaisons  I fancy you. Is that so hard to believe?

Part 1 [x] , Part 2 [x]


All hail.

Love this chick.

Julie… well, you know what I think.